Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boston Modern Quilt Guild 5th Annual Show!

Our 5th Annual Quilt Show opens April 8th in the backroom of the Fabric Place Basement, 321 Speen Street, Natick, MA. The opening reception will be from 1-4 on April 8th. The show will run through May 7th and is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC every weekend, weekdays by request either through a guild member or by asking at the Fabric Place Basement.

More than 50 beautiful quilts grace this year's show! DON'T MISS IT!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BMQG Quilt Submissions Sought!

Our 5th Annual Quilt Show opens in just over two weeks on 8 April. This is not a juried show, but you must be a member of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild to submit a quilt for the show (you can join here). We are actively planning the show layout now and urge you to submit your quilt AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - even if it is not quite finished!
    • A great tutorial for adding a hanging sleeve to your quilt written by Jacquie Gehring can be found at this link. All quilts, including the minis for our guild challenge, require a 4" sleeve. The mini sleeves can be pinned on if you do not have the time to sew them. Larger quilts must have the sleeve sewn on. 
    • If your quilt does not already have a permanent label, please attach one to a back lower corner. The label can be a temporary label but must be firmly attached. Include at least your name and phone number on the label.
    • Be sure that your quilt is ready for show by making sure threads are trimmed, lint removed, etc.
  • Quilts can be dropped off to one of four locations (Natick, Northboro, Lowell or Waltham). Contact Karen for specifics on these locations. WE MUST HAVE YOUR QUILTS IN HAND ON OR BEFORE 2 APRIL!!
  • The guild staffs the show on weekends. Because we will also be holding a raffle this year, we require at least two persons per shift. One volunteer will sell tickets in the lobby and the other will remain with the quilts in the show. You can sign up for your shift here

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Block Lottery - Improv HSTs

For our May meeting, we're making some improv Half Square Triangles (HST's) into a block with nine sewn together. We'll use a variety of white/cream squares for the background and earth tones for the HST's.

Start by cutting nine 3.5" squares in a variety of whites/creams.

Cut a variety of strips about 3"x5" for your HST's. Lay them at an angle of your block. All of the HST's will be placed on the bottom right portion of the block, so plan accordingly. You want the piece of fabric covering what will be the cream/white part of the block. Where the HST will eventually lay is what will be a visible cream/white triangle.

Sew your pieces with a 1/4" seam allowance, iron open and trim your block.

Trim your block to 3.5" square, using the cream/white background as a reference. You can remove the cream/white from behind the earth tone fabric to reduce bulk now.

 Sew the blocks together into a 3x3 grid with the HST in the bottom right corner. Your block will finish at 9.5" square.

Quick Overview:
May - Wonky Half Square Triangles
Colors: White and cream background with earth tones for the HST
Size Requirements: 9.5" block
Notes: Make your HST's 3.5" before sewing them together and assemble them into a 3x3" grid with all of the white/cream in the upper left corner of the sewn block and the earth tone colors on the bottom right. To make your HST's, cut 3.5" squares of your white/cream background fabric and use scraps of your colors to sew your HST's, using the white/cream fabric as your trimming guide

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

BMQG at Quiltcon!

Boston Modern had a great showing at QuiltCon 2017 - six quilts displayed and one award! Congratulations to Rebecca, Jen, Susan and Alexis! 

Rebecca (right) with her quilt, Light and Shadow, and former BMQG member 
Linda Wolyniec (left) who did the quilting on this beauty! 
Jen with her Luxe Rebellion (how anyone could turn that awful
fabric into something this lovely is an amazement!)
More paper piecing (no surprise there!) from Jen with her Quilter's DNA
Susan with Dark Geometry, awarded Third Place, Small Quilts. 
Thanks go to last year's BMQG challenge to make something 
small with solids, two things she never does!

Alexis' Kintsugi IV: Crown of Thorns

Alexis' Carpenter Square Variation. We witnessed the making of this 
at last year's retreat and can't wait to see what she creates this year!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Square Within A Square - Block Lottery

As we approach retreat, we're jumping right into our second block lottery block, a square within a square block. Note that these blocks will be swapped at retreat, which serves as our March meeting.

The colors for these blocks are grays, white and jewel tones. For this block, alternate between a jewel tone and a white or gray fabric.

For this block, start with a square and add a strip of your next fabric all the way around. The strip should be the same width all the way around. We're not looking for wonky. The improv portion comes from varying the size of the square rounds each time and random color placement. You can either start with a jewel tone or a white/gray square. I recommend that each round be between 1" and 2.5" or so in order to get a somewhat cohesive look, yet still a little random.

Keep on adding as you go until you get a block that's 10.5" square.

Quick Overview:
March - Square within a Square (NOTE: Swap will take place at retreat, so please only make if attending retreat)
Colors: Gray/White background with Jewel Tones
Size Requirements: 10.5" block
Notes: Alternate between your gray/white background and jewel tone colors. Make your squares various sizes for a fun effect.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January's Meeting - What to Expect

Happy 2017 everyone! I can't believe it's already a new year and we're ready to jump into a new, fun-filled year of more guild fun.

Below is what we have planned for our January meeting. It sounds jam packed, but some of this will go quick. We've also posted a tentative schedule for the full year on the blog, so hop on over to the 2017 Schedule tab to see what we have planned.

January Meeting:
January 21, 2017 from 1-3pm
Where: Fabric Place Basement Back Room (There's a warehouse looking room next to the yarn where we meet. If you can't find the room, just ask a staff member of FPB)

Block Lottery Kickoff – We have examples of all of the blocks for the year. Don't know what a block lottery is? Check out the tab on our blog with all of the blocks for the year for a preview and a description. We will also talk about this at the meeting.

Mini Quilt Challenge Kickoff – We’ll briefly talk about the mini quilt challenge that we’ll showcase at the show in April. This could be a great project to work on at retreat for those attending.

Favorite Notion Show and Tell – Did you get a fun new notion for the holidays? Bring it and tell us all about it. Have a favorite oldie but goodie? Bring that too and show us. We especially love seeing your favorite notion that may not be found in a quilt/craft store that you just couldn’t live without.

UFO Block/Quilt Swap – Do you have unfinished quilt blocks or tops just lying around that you don’t think you’ll ever do anything with? Bring them to our meeting and we’ll swap. One person’s forever-unfinished project is another person’s new, exciting project. Any quilt blocks/tops that are not claimed by someone else can be donated to the quilt museum if you don’t want to take them back.

Show and Tell – Did you finish any great quilts or sewing projects over the holiday break? Bring them in and show off your amazing talent.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

First Lottery Block for 2017

Since a few of you may have some time off during the holiday week, I wanted to share the first block in the block lottery for everyone. If you want a preview of all of the blocks, check them out here. The first block is a simple improv plus block. The theme this year is improv, and we're going to start working our improv muscles and mind with this simple block.

For these blocks, use a variety of gray solids for the background and some cool colors for the plusses. The finished size of these blocks should range from 6" - 10".
Here's how to make these blocks:

To start, cut a gray square between 6" and 10".
Cut that square in half, at a slight angle, vertically and horizontally as shown above. Don't go too close to the edge though, as you may lose the plus sign as you trim.

Cut a few strips of a cool color, slightly longer than the pieces you cut. See above for a reference. Sew the two smaller sides together first, lining up the inside pieces. Don't worry if you outside edges don't line up. We'll trim the block down later.
Once sewn, trim the inside of the blocks to create a straight line and sew the long line of the plus block. Carefully line up the smaller plus pieces by eye to make sure they appear to create a visually appealing plus.
Trim your block down to size and you're good to go. This block goes quick, so I hope to see a bunch of these blocks at our February meeting, when we'll have our first lottery.

Quick overview:
Colors: Gray background (any color gray) and cool solids for the plus sign (see below for examples of cool colors)
Size Requirements: Anywhere between 6.5" square and 10.5" square.
Notes: Please make sure the ends of your plus signs are at least an inch away from the corners of the block. While you can make your plus signs any width you'd like, making them between 1.5" and 3.5" is ideal. Variety will actually be key here for a more random quilt.